PS: fileevent, tk patches

From: Johann Friedrich Heinrichmeyer <>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 95 17:19:43 +0100

PS to PS: Sorry for the noise.

Everything is fine with the patches p1 and p2 for tk-4.0 (my hd was
full), but the coredump under linux stays. The problem:

In my spice-interface (standard electronic circuit simulator) i type
quit in an entry box, then the process vanishes and there is a coredump
under linux. On the sun box there is a long long time of waiting before
i see the "spice3f5-done" message. Spice does a good simulation job but
the user interface should be rewritten ... I communicate with spice
through a pseudo tty (this should not be necessary ..) My wish would be
a spice-widget for STk...

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