Problem with catch?

From: Johann Friedrich Heinrichmeyer <>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 95 23:03:31 +0100

I tried to port the FSBox from xf (tk Interface builder) to scheme. (As
far as i understand what all this code is good for in tcl it also works
in STk :-). I have two problems with STk-3.0b1:

1. Filename-completion works, but the entry always looses the focus
after <tab> (new triggering of bindings in tk-4.0?). I recognized that
<tab> "rotates" the focus within the toplevel...

2. Double click on the filename listbox results in strange things. The
whole box waits with tkwait for the killing of the top level. Without
catch i get an error that the symbol for the listbox
(.fsbox.files.files) is not known (of course, as it has been destroyed
..). The rest works.

With (catch (tkwait ...)) i get a coredump only when there comes up a
stk:make-dialog box immediately and only when i end the file dialog with
double click. The progamm sticks in a tk-procedure, no scheme problem in
my opinion ..., catch should not catch segmentation faults ..
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