Re: System Ids

From: David Fox <fox_at_GRAPHICS.CS.NYU.EDU>
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 95 13:50:11 EDT

Stefan Monnier writes:

> David Fox <fox_at_GRAPHICS.CS.NYU.EDU> wrote: > We have lots of suns
> and sgis around here, and STk needs to merge the > system
> directories for those machines the way it does for Linux. I >
> suggest adding to the launch scripts:
> If you really want to add specific code for every architecture
> under the sun, go ahead, but I personnally much prefer keeping the
> code simple and machine independent by doing that kind of
> translating with links like
> IRIX-5.3-IP26 -> IRIX-5.3-IP22
> Of course, this probably requires human intervention, but I much
> prefer that to a script that tries to be too smart.

But you end up looking pretty bad when you try to demo your program to
someone who sits in front of our only Reality Engine all day and have
to explain why he needs to su to me, cd to some obscure directory like
/graphics.b/fox/local/lib/stk/3.0b1 and type "ln -s IRIX-5.3-IP22
IRIX64-6.0.1-IP26" etc etc. What's the worst a smart script could
do? Make the program fail? It does that anyway.
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