Problem using dynamic linking

From: Thomas Buerger <>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 10:52:22 +0100 (MET)

Hello STk-Fans,

I'm using STk-3.0b1 under Linux-1.0.9 with dynamic linking (dld-3.2.7).
It works for most but not all packages. It does not work for the
socket-package (neither a package of my own which uses also the sockets):

> stk -f /usr/local/lib/stk/3.0b1/STk/socket.stk
dld: cannot link: multiple definitions of symbol: __IO_default_seekoff
dld: function STk_init_socket not executable!
Unresolved symbols are:

*** Error at line 25 of file /usr/local/lib/stk/3.0b1/STk/socket.stk:
dld: link aborted
STk> Bye.

When I'm looking for the multiple defined symbol in the packages, I
cannot find it:

> nm /usr/local/lib/stk/3.0b1/Linux-1.X-ix86/ | grep '__IO_default_seekoff'

BTW a cross-check of all Symbols in stk-bin and the files using "nm",
"sort", "uniq", "join" etc. does not show any symbol defined in multiple files.

Who can explain (and/or patch) this mysterious error?
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