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From: Steven L. Jenkins <>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 14:07:34 CST

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> Can someone recommend some reading on any or all object systems upon
> which STklos is based? A TinyClos document? A common lisp manual?
> What I want is a more thorough description of the object model than
> comes with STk. I feel that Erick relies on an informed population,
> and at the moment, I'm not, and I have a student who is even less
> informed.
> Thanks,
> Cliff
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I am also interested in such documenetation. Please post this info to
the group. thanks,

Chuck Kung

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One such source would be 'Object Oriented Programming -- A CLOS Perspective',
by Keene (I believe).

and another would be the 'The Art of the Metaobject Protocol' book, by
Kiczales, Rivieres, & Bobrow.

There are also some papers from xerox.parc's ftp site (the ones that come
with the TinyClos stuff..).

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