Re: stk and solaris

From: John A. Zinky <>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 11:40:01 -0500

As a supportive gesture, I too am having problems with dynamically
loading packages under solaris 2.4 and STK 2.2.

It actually seems random! sometimes it work some time it does not.
I have not been able to isolate the problem :-(

I would love to isolate this problem! Here are some debugging aids
that may help:

;;Tell what you are loading
(set! *load-verbose* #t)

;; I am have problems loading <cavas-text> (the symbol does not get defined)
;; list symbols with "canvas" as part of their name.
(apropos `canvas)

;;; I think <Canvas-Text> steps on the function "text"
;;; Warn if a generic function will overwrite a function.
;;; from Ken Anderson KRA 20JUL95:
(define (redefinition-warning symbol old-value text)
   "~%;;; Warning: Redefining ~A with old-value ~A to ~A.~%"
   symbol old-value text))
(define-macro (define-generic name)
     ;; KRA 20JUL95: Warn about redefinition.
     (when (and (symbol-bound? ',name)
                (not (is-a? ,name <generic>)))
       (redefinition-warning ',name ,name "be <generic>"))
     (define ,name (make <generic> :name ',name))))
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