Re: Bug in 3.0b1?

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 10:11:08 +0000

> Kumar Balachandran writes
> When you call STk using
> stk "x y z",
> *argv* is set to ("x" "y" "z") instead of ("x y z"). There should,
> IMHO, be distinction between this and
> stk x y z
> where *argv* is correctly set to ("x" "y" "z").

This is clearly a bug. It is due to the way arguments are expanded in the stk shell script. A simple solutions consists to modify the end of the stk launcher
and replace the two $* which are at bottom by "$_at_". This gives
        if [ "$DISPLAY" = "" ] ;then
          exec $STK_LIBRARY/$id/snow-bin "$_at_"
          exec $STK_LIBRARY/$id/stk-bin -name stk "$_at_"
Hopefully this problem will disappear with next release since there is no more a shell script for launching the interpreter (the interpreter finds itself the place of the library files relative to the path of the stk executable file).

                -- Erick
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