next release?

From: Jin S. Choi <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 10:30:05 -0500

I was interested in playing with STk again for a small project of
mine, so I brought down 3.0b1 and built it. I've also been browsing my
archive of the mailing list, and I've noticed a number of minor
patches for some bugs people have been noticing. Is there a
comprehensive list of these bug fixes available somewhere? Or better
yet, Erick, could you give us a vague idea of when the next release
might be out?

Also, I noticed a few things have changed in Tk 4 from what's
documented in Ousterhout's book. Can anyone suggest where I might find
some documentation for all the differences in Tk 4?

Finally, how hard is it to port regular Tk widgets to STk? I'm
considering writing one and would like to know how much STk vs. tcl
modifications I'd have to make.
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