Re: next release?

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 1995 14:26:13 +0000

> "Jin S. Choi" writes
> I was interested in playing with STk again for a small project of
> mine, so I brought down 3.0b1 and built it. I've also been browsing my
> archive of the mailing list, and I've noticed a number of minor
> patches for some bugs people have been noticing. Is there a
> comprehensive list of these bug fixes available somewhere? Or better
> yet, Erick, could you give us a vague idea of when the next release
> might be out?

Since every time I promise something, it takes me two or three times what I
say, I will say nothing ;-)
However you are true, there are several bugs which have been signaled on 3.0b1
here and _at_ stk-bugs and it is time to fix them.
I will put a new release as soon as I have fixed the main problems (+ those I
have introduced since then ....).
I will also try to put patches for STk on a more frequent basis. This was a
goal I have fixed for myself but I was nearly incapable to work on STk for a
month and this explain why there is almost nothing (from me) her since

> Also, I noticed a few things have changed in Tk 4 from what's
> documented in Ousterhout's book. Can anyone suggest where I might find
> some documentation for all the differences in Tk 4?
Some sources have already been cited here.
I don't know any other document.

> Finally, how hard is it to port regular Tk widgets to STk? I'm
> considering writing one and would like to know how much STk vs. tcl
> modifications I'd have to make.

There is a document which explains this in the 2.2 documentation. It is now
out od date and I should upgrade it for 3.0. However, you should read it to
have an idea of how it works. For more details, I think that the file
Tk/tkButtons.c contains almost all the things which can arise. Modifications
to original code are #ifdef'ed with STk_CODE.
As you will see, this is not too difficult. If you have problems, I can help.
I apologize to not have something more easy and I know that it is a little bit
"hackery". I promise to have something better for thefinal release (any kind
of help for documentation is always welcome....)

BTW, I have already received several mail for integrating Tcl widgets in STk.
Perhaps, it could be useful to announce in this mailing list if you have
already do the job for a particular widget or if you are thinking to
start a port. I'm afraid that this kind of effort is duplicated.
I can add a http page for this, if needed. What do you think of this?

                -- Erick
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