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From: Johann Friedrich Heinrichmeyer <Fritz.Heinrichmeyer_at_FernUni-Hagen.de>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 17:22:55 +0100



---- You find it as


is a SCHEME script that implements a sketch editor and schematic entry,
inspired by the user interface of idraw and tgif. It was also useable on
a 386SX 16MHz (with coprocessor for the circuit simulator spice3xxx).

              New since the last 0.10 release:

Grouping should work, rotation with 90 degrees counterclockwise. Better
editing of coordinates, stretching and a man page. Mouse-1 press
selects. Shift mouse 1 press expands selection. Connect
mode. Netlist. Interface to Spice.

                       New in 0.20:

Better updating of properties, only the properties under consideration
are updated, so splines no more change to polygons. Minor typo bugfixes.

tkSketch can read its own eps-files (with a cheap trick, but only a
little cheaper than in interviews) so you can have one file for all.

Everything was edited with XF, so it can be easily reconfigured (also
from me after doing other things for two weeks). No more extra include

In "CoordsMouse"-Mode Coordinates can be deleted easy with cntl-d.

A Groupmember tagged with "free" can be moved without loosing the

Conventions for building Parts are described

                  New after april 94:

Examples provided, see examples/
Updating of properties depends on selection:

With no selection the toolbar and default values are updated, with
selection only selected items are updated.

Undocommands for some manipulations implemented. Commented out own
rudimentary tcl-graphics. It is getting too slow. I am letting now spice
do the job.

Text can only be edited when the text button is activated, this enables
me to build in accelerators when i have time (a must).

                   New June 1994

No more script only, the spice interface needs the "addinput" extension
but works really now.

                  New December 1995

Switched to Scheme with STk from Erik Galestino
(http://kaolin.unice.fr/html/STk.html) which is no based on tk4.0, so
"addinput" is no more necessary.

Scheme can be compiled (with a scheme-script called hobbit.scm for instance)
to C. This will be done if the code is usefull and the application
schematics get larger. Now this can't be done without manual intervention
when using STk.

New Features:

Parts are only stored as reference, so new Part layout automatically
migrates into the schematics.

Connections established by wires follow part movement when the "Netlist"
button is invoked.

The netlist can be more or less simple constructed without geometry
information out of the schematics file with any lisp dialect (an emacs
macro would be fine, You could play with the schematic and spice also
without a graphical environment).


Unix-System supported by STk (Linux-elf, SunOS, HP-Unix ...)
STk-3.xx (look also at our server ...)
spice-3xxx (look elsewhere ...)


You need to edit the absolute paths for

portrait.gif (if you have the TkPixmap extension)


Implement zooming
   (tk4.0 still misses this feature. With a real programming
   language like scheme it could be implemented outside of tk4.0).
Visible grid
   (? wait for tkxxxxx)
Nice X-Y graph labes, coordinates and so on in a spice output canvas.
   There now is a gnuplot-interface to the canvas widget available at
   Your favourite tcltk site ..
   Was too slow for tcl-code, maybe scheme is useful for this.
   (at least if a compiled module is generated).

My Wish list for the toolkit:

Modifying it so that it can be faster manipulated with STk, especially
the "high performance" widgets (canvas-widget, text-widget ..). There is
a lot of list hacking done in the widgets, this should be done with
scheme primitives ..

A Port to Windows-95 for STk!

********* You need spice Version >= 3.0 to use it because nodes are named
********* with strings!

********* You need Linux or a Unix supporting dynamic loading of modules
          If You cannot load shared objects a simple rewrite of the
          function reading spice output has to be done ..

Everything works for me ...

I really will maintain it and implement features if You mail me.

I found a lot of silly bugs since my last release, but i also did a lot
of rewriting and added new features so .... .

Dear Lispers and Schemers,

I have read a book about LISP, and at Christmas i will hopefully get a
better one, this is my first Scheme program, so dont look too close at it.

Fritz Heinrichmeyer FernUniversitaet Hagen
FAX: +49 2371/566236 LG Elektronische Schaltungen
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