[ANNOUNCE] STk-3.0 Release

From: Erick Gallesio <eg_at_kaolin.unice.fr>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 23:41:19 +0000

STk 3.0 release is out. It is available from kaolin.unice.fr.
I have also place a copy in the /pub/Linux/Incoming directory of
sunsite. This should resolve problems for people who cannot take it on kaolin
since sunsite is heavily mirrored.

The main differences with previous versions are listed below:

        - Version of Tk is now at Tk4.0p2 level

        - Support Pixmap images

        - Strings can now contain null charters (printing of strings is more
        friendly now in write mode

        - Executable is now position independant(i.e. no path coded in hard in
        the interpreter). STK_LIBRARY shell variable is no more necessary. We
        can now make binary distributions.

        - Signal can now be redirected to Scheme closures. The end of a GC
        is seen as a signal.

        - Trace on variable are changed (and re-work now): the associated trace
        must be a thunk now.

        - New option for buttons, checkbuttons, radiobuttons and entries:
        This options tells if the value must be stringified or not.
        For instance, with
            (radiobutton '.c :text "Try" :variable 'x
                         :stringvalue #f :value 100)
        will set the "x" var to "100" whereas with
            (radiobutton '.c :text "Try" :variable 'x
                         :stringvalue #t :value 100)
        value is set to the integer value 100
        Default value for :stringvalue is #t for entries and #f for check and
        radio buttons.

                -- Erick
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