Few comments on STk 3.0b2

From: <giorgio.cesana_at_st.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 07:48:32 +0100

I compiled successfully STk 3.0b2 on Sparc-SunOS4.1.3_U1 and Sparc-Solaris2.5
using gcc 2.7.2 on both the machines.

Here follows some comments:

1. libXpm.so is always required by stk but normally it is not present in a SunOS
(4.x or 5.x) installation. It could be useful to link it dynamically, by
changing the following line in the toplevel Makefile:

        _at_echo "XLIBSW = -L/usr/openwin/lib -L/venus/tools/solaris2.x/lib \
                -Xlinker -Bstatic -lXpm -Xlinker -Bdynamic -lX11 -lnsl -lsocket"
2. The destroy bug is still present (when using BLT d&d).

3. The bug (write "eee") -> "\t\t\t" is not present on Solaris2 and SunOS4

Except for this all seems to work fine (new features included): good job!

Thanks, regards


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