stklos "bug"

From: Jonathan Berry <>
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 18:51:11 -0500

The problem with the code I just sent:
(load "stklos")
(define-generic new-+)
(define-class <complex> () ())
(let ((+ +))
        (define-method new-+ ((a <real>) (b <real>)) (+ a b))
        (define-method new-+ ((a <complex>) (b <complex>)) 5)
        (define-method new-+ ((a <number>)) 1)
        (define-method new-+ () 0)
        (define-method new-+ args (new-+ (car args) (apply new-+ (cdr args)))))
(set! + new-+)
(define c (make <complex>))
(+ c c c c)

is that the second method should return a complex. So if I replace
the dummy value 5 with (make <complex>), everything works.
Still, it would be nice to get a "no applicable method" error
instead of an infinite loop, if possible.
thanks again,
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