Re: print-object

From: Jong-Won Choi <>
Date: Tue Feb 6 05:40:19 1996

Thanks for all the reply on the subject.

I already noticed write-object and display-object. But, couldn't
achieve my purpose. I'd like to display object information when it
created(like in Keene's CLOS book)

When I do like :
(define my-obj (make <my-object>))

want to display like :
#[<my-object> #pafac80] has slot-a, slot-b

instead of #[undefined]

In CLOS, I can do it by defining a method of print-object. I defined
display-object and write-object, but couldn't get similar effect like

- Jong-Won
Received on Tue Feb 06 1996 - 05:40:19 CET

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