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From: Nicholas Vargish <>
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 1996 09:44:12 -0500


I guess this is a blatant newbie post. I'm getting into STk, making a
transition to to Scheme (it does taste different from Common Lisp :^).
One thing that would really help would be for the "inspector", "viewer",
and "detailer" to work as advertised. I understand that with integrating
a new version of Tcl/Tk, many things break (my main complaint about Tk
is how much it changes and how often old Tcl/Tk scripts break).

I did fiddle a little, like I knew to fix:
        (= (winfo 'exist INSPECTOR_WIDGET_NAME) 0)
        (not (winfo 'exist INSPECTOR_WIDGET_NAME))

However, when I try to view the object:

*** Tk background error:
bad option "disable": must be activate, add, cget, configure, delete, entrycget, entryconfigure, index, insert, invoke, post, postcascade, type, unpost, or yposition

Does anyone have a patch for the "inspect" package? Or an explanation of
what I need to do to get it working on my system (SunOS 4.1.4, STk 3.0b2)
would be much appreciated. I'm certainly not ruling out brain-dead mistakes
on my part.

Thanks much.


p.s. Does anyone know what the most recent STk FAQ is? And possibly where
to find it?

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