StringValue in Button widget

From: Takahasi Mamoru <>
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 1996 01:18:59 +0900

Hi, folks.

I use STk3.0b2 compiled with gcc 2.7.0 on Solaris 2.4, there is a problem.
First eval the following code,

  (define var1 #f)

  (radiobutton '.b1 :text "foo" :variable 'var1 :value "foo" :stringvalue #t)
  (radiobutton '.b2 :text "bar" :variable 'var1 :value "bar" :stringvalue #t)
  (radiobutton '.b3 :text "baz" :variable 'var1 :value "baz" :stringvalue #t)

  (pack .b1 .b2 .b3 :fill "x")

and push the "foo" button and eval `var1', symbol `foo'(not string) returns.
`stringvalue' option is not effective... Look this problem, the type of
`string' member in `Button' structure(defined in Tk/tkButton.c) is `char'.

    typedef struct {

        int flags; /* Various flags; see below for
                                 * definitions. */
    #ifdef STk_CODE
        char string; /* if true the value of the variable associated
                                   * to the button must be "stringified"
    } button;

`char' type is correct? Is this `int'? So change it to `int', work fine.
Please report how works on other system and OS.

Best regards

--    If you feel my english is strange, please correct me.
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