STk Behaviours

From: Alexander Williams <>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 06:15:14 -30000

   Hello all. I'm having a bit of an odd behaviour with STk which you
might be able to help me work out.
   I've done two installations with it, so far, and had some pretty
strange results. Both have been under Digital UNIX 3.2c using the default
"cc". The first was on an 8400 TLaser we just had sitting around. The
compile didn't go exactly smoothly, there were several warnings generated
and the compile/make stopped twice, the first time simply typing "make"
again continued the compile, the second required me to manually do an "an
ts ..." on the libatk.a in Src. After that, compilation finished after
another "make". It works, apparently, the demos that are supposed to run
under STk 3.0b2 do, in fact, run.
   The second installation was on a much smaller Alpha 200. The only
difference in installation technique is that in the latter case, I was
root, and the compilation, perversely enough, proceeded flawlessly. On
the other hand, /operation/ did not; calling "stk" on the 200 produces
the interpreter in a window, but no *root*. I've tried all the obvious
answers to no avail.
   Any suggestions? Secondarily, can anyone point me to the best
resource for learning STk, given I'm already familliar with Scheme? I've
pulled and printed a pile of docs; the most useful guide I've seen so far
are the STklos docs that come with STk. Unfortunately, they're woefully

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