Can not load ""

From: Takahasi Mamoru <>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 03:57:42 +0900

Hi, folks.

I use STk3.0b2 compiled with `--with-pixmap= ..' option (add pixmap
support for Tk images) on Solaris. When eval the following, error

  $ (load "pixmap")
  *** Error at line 25 of file /usr/local/lib/stk/
  Cannot find function "STk_init_pixmap" in object file

By the result of `nm`, it's certain that "" doesn't
contain "STk_init_pixmap" function just as this message. Looking into
this problem, I notice that at the top of the "Extension/pixmap.c"

  #if defined(HAVE_PIXMAP) && defined(USE_TK)

stays, but "USE_TK" is not defined in the compilation of this file.
Consequently "" becomes useless. When delete "&& defined(USE_TK)"
and re-compile, it goes well.

--    If you feel my english is strange, please correct me.
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