Creating a new class

From: Kevin K. Lewis <>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 96 15:22:08 CST

Hi, folks.

I'm very new to STk, so this may be pretty basic; but I didn't see any
examples that did this.

I'm trying to create a new class that is basically a rectangle which
has a label. I thought that I'd inherit from <Rectangle> and have a
label slot.

Here's what I have:

(define frame (make <Frame>))
(define canvas (make <Canvas> :parent frame
                     :relief "groove"
                     :width 800 :height 600))
(define-class <BON-object> (<Rectangle>)
  ((label :init-keyword :label :accessor label)))
(define bon-object (make <BON-object> :parent canvas
                         :label (make <Label> :parent canvas
                                      :text "BON-object")
                         :tags "BON-object"
                         :fill "Red"
                         :coords '(100 100 200 150)))
My question is, how do I get the label to show up?  Right now, I just
get a red rectangle.  Also, is this even the best way to define my
Thanks for any help or advice.
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