Re: `bind-for-dragging' and `:motion'.

From: Josh MacDonald <jmacd_at_CS.Berkeley.EDU>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 11:32:03 -0800

> I have a class with an `initialize' method. In this method I make two
> calls to `bind-for-dragging' with the same parent, but two different
> `:tag's and two different `:motion' procedures.
> It seems like the second bind call overrides the first one, at least
> with respect to the `:motion' procedure.
> Should I expect this, or is there a simple solution to my problem? I
> can provide all my code to anyone who's interested, but I don't expect
> too many people will want to wade through it.
> Thanks for any help.

STk's bind-for-dragging is broken. I have modified it for use in
an application where I do two dragging binds for different buttons
and tags, and fixed it so complisite widgets work. The code
is available at
and the code you'd be interested in is move-composite.stk for the
actual code and FixSTk.stk for the redefinition.

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