The last word on the HP-UX installation.

From: Clifford Beshers <>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 19:41:58 -0500

My installation did not go as smoothly as I thought. I spent another
day tracking down the problems, and came up with some better solutions.

This message invalidates all previous messages, from me, I believe,
and contains all the information you need to install STk-3.0b2 nicely
under HP-UX 9.x.

Essentially, there are two main problems with the release:

        configure gets a few things wrong;

        shared libraries under HP-UX have a different extension than
        the entire rest of the dynamic loading world.

The problems in

    The HP-UX machine names are things like 9000/735. Using this
    string in a directory name causes problems. I have substituted

    The -Wl,-E flag for gcc passes the -E flag to the linker, and
    is useless and annoying during compilation with -c. In
    the distributed configuration, it was in STKCFLAGS, not
    STKLDFLAGS. I moved it.

These patches to are included below. Run
'autoconf >configure' to have them take effect.

Formerly, I solved the dynamic loading problem by modifying all the
STk library files with (load ""). Apart from being error
prone and tedious, it meant I had to have a separate directory tree
for HP-UX.

The solution was simple. I made symbolic links from *.so to *.sl. It
works just fine. Now I can use the same NFS mounted file system for
all architectures, and have only one copy of the non-binary files.

I did the links manually, but this probably could be added to

        cd $(execdir)
        for i in *.sl ; do j=`basename $$i .sl` ; ln -s $$i $$ ; done

The patches to follow.

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*** Thu Feb 15 14:52:53 1996
--- Sun Jan 21 15:30:36 1996
*** 35,48 ****
          case $machine in
           IP*) machine=IPxx;;
- HP-UX*)
- case $version in
- A.09.*) version=9.X;;
- A.10.*) version=10.X;;
- esac
- case $machine in
- 9000/7*) machine=9000s700;;
- esac;;
--- 35,40 ----
*** 407,414 ****
       SH_LDFLAGS="-b -o"
! LIB_DLD=-ldld;;
       SH_LDFLAGS="-Bshareable -o"
--- 399,405 ----
       SH_LDFLAGS="-b -o"
       SH_LDFLAGS="-Bshareable -o"
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