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From: Alex Williams <thantos_at_jerry.alf.dec.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 22:44:06 -0500 (EST)

   Greetings all.
   I'm having a rather interesting issue regarding getting STk 4.0b2
running under dUNIX 3.2c and 4.0. Under both systems, I find that
running "make" on the files as they're extracted from the tar file results
in a runnable binary (using the test-stk script) which puts up a nice
STk window which can be addressed using the interpreter running in thr
/original/ window, just as things should be.
   HOWEVER, the moment after typing "make install," which recompiles
sections of the code and supposedly installs them, I have problems. Running
using the test-stk script method, even re-edited to take into account moved
binaries, et al. is no longer effective; it complains of being "in a strange
place," and suggests setting some env vars, which are set as a result of being
in the script, itself. Running the now installed binary results in the
STk interpreter being started, but no Tk window opening, nor are the
Tk commands apparently active, including addressing *root*. Nota bene: this
is the same code that was running perfectly /before/ being "installed."
Even the demos ran (with "make demos") under OSF/1 before the install, but
not after.
   Ideas, feedback, thoughts?

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