Re: New frames

From: Erik Ostrom <>
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 1996 16:50:41 -0500

> I'm very familliar with coding in Scheme, but a novice when dealing
> with STk's integration with the Tk toolkit. The docs, incomplete as they
> are, are quite helpful, but I find myself unable to answer a rather
> simple question: is there a way to generate whole new window-frames
> without spawning an entirely new interpreter runtime?

Sure--it's the "toplevel" widget. Using STklos:

  (require "Toplevel")
  (define tl (make <Toplevel>))
  (define t (make <Text> :parent tl))
  (pack t)

or using plain STk:

  (toplevel '.my-window)
  (text '.my-window.text)
  (pack .mywindow.text)

(The text widgets, obviously, aren't necessary--just there to make it
more obvious that the toplevel is there.)
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