Re: Need ODBC interface and grid widget for Stk

From: Clifford Beshers <>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 17:55:58 -0500 (EST)

>I would like to use Stk as a database front-end. Accordingly, I was wondering
>if anyone out there has written an ODBC interface as well as a grid-widget for
>Stk. If not, any suggestions about where to start?

   Well, unless you find an ODBC program interface already made somewhere,
   might I suggest that you consider FFIGEN for the translation job?
   FFIGEN takes a C header file and produces a "rational" output which may
   be automatically translated to a foreign function interface program. If
   I remember correctly, ODBC is a non-trivial interface and FFIGEN might
   make the job of creating the STk interface more pleasant.



I looked quickly at FFIGEN and decided that it would take some work to
generate STk-compatible output.

Was I wrong? Do you expect I could make it work for me in, say, a
long weekend? (Assume that I am very familiar with extending STk,
but not with extending Chez Scheme or any other Scheme, and
furthermore that I have written my own special-case ffi generator for


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