Newcomer problems with Stk3.0

From: Thomas Schiex <>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 18:51:54 +0100 (MET)

I recently downloaded STk3.0.tar.gz from kaolin. I have a good knowledge of
Scheme but a poor knowledge of Tk. Stk compiled fine on a ELF Linux Kernel
1.3.20. I have Tk4.0p2 installed.

Here is what configure told me:

   Your system is LINUX_ELF
   C compiler used: gcc
   Compilation options: -O2
   Dynamic loading is enabled
   You have choosed the following options
                Multiple precision library: libgmp
                Hash tables support: yes
                Posix support: yes
                STklos support: yes
                Socket support: yes
                Regexp support: yes
                Process support: yes
                Html support: yes
                Pixmap Images support: yes

make and make install went fine.


When Stk starts up the variable inspect is undefined. I tried loading
tk-init (the doc. explicitely mention that tk should be initialized to use
inspect and this filename seemed related to tk initialization). It didn't
work. I loaded inspect-main (if it is the correct way, could it be
mentionned in the doc). This improved things but there is an error in the
source of inspect-main (comparison of #f with 0 using = which I

*** Error:
error reading bitmap file "/usr/local/lib/stk/3.0b2/bitmaps/"

Ok. I made a symlink to images named bitmaps. It runs. If I ask for View in
the PopUp:

*** Tk background error:
bad option "disable": must be activate, add, cget, configure, delete, entrycget, entryconfigure, index, insert, invoke, post, postcascade, type, unpost, or yposition
**** Tk error ("") "\n (command bound to event)"

If I ask for help:

*** Tk background error:
unbound variable: stk:make-help
**** Tk error ("") "\n (command bound to event)"

I probably missed a point but I do not see where. Could someone point out
my stupid error ?

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