Appeal to Erick for bind-for-dragging fix

From: Jonathan Berry <>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 10:15:47 -0500

I would like to re-emphasize the fact that all is not well with STk and some
of us are stuck with a bind-for-dragging problem. I would like to second
the problem mentioned by Kevin Lewis and add my voice in hopes that Erick
will make this a very high priority item. Here is a small, simple
example showing the problem:
(require "Canvas")

(define c (make <Canvas>))
(pack c)

(define o1 (make <oval> :parent c :coords '(10 10 20 20) :fill "blue"))
(define o2 (make <oval> :parent c :coords '(30 30 40 40) :fill "red"))

(bind-for-dragging c :tag (cid o1) :motion (lambda (w x y) (display "1\n")))
(bind-for-dragging c :tag (cid o2) :motion (lambda (w x y) (display "2\n")))
The user should be able to drag o1 around and see "1"s printed, and to drag
o2 around and see "2"s printed. But this isn't the case. The most recent
bind-for-dragging call seems to overwhelm the first call. Dragging either
oval around results in "2"s being printed.

If there is a simple solution, *please* provide a patch soon. EnvDraw seems
to have worked around this problem, but nobody wants another copyright, so
Erick, I appeal for a patch or a description of a general work-around.

thanks once again,
        Jon Berry
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