Re: Newcomer problems with Stk3.0

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 1996 21:41:38 +0100

> Thomas Schiex writes

> Problems:
> When Stk starts up the variable inspect is undefined. I tried loading
> tk-init (the doc. explicitely mention that tk should be initialized to use
> inspect and this filename seemed related to tk initialization). It didn't
> work. I loaded inspect-main (if it is the correct way, could it be
> mentionned in the doc). This improved things but there is an error in the
> source of inspect-main (comparison of #f with 0 using = which I
> corrected).
> [lines deleted]
> I probably missed a point but I do not see where. Could someone point out
> my stupid error ?

No stupid error from you here... That's only that I have forgot to delete the
inspect/view/detail references from the 3.0 documentation. These functions
were written (not by me) before the 1.0 of STk and I have tried to maintain
them u
ntil now. With STk3.0 which is based on Tk 4.0 a lot of incompatibilies have
d and the adaptation of these function has not been done.
However, I feel that all the stuff should be rewritten now rather than ported
to Tk4.0. In the meanwhile you can probably have a look at EnvDraw which
does a pretty job for exhibiting data and environments.
You can find it in the /pub/Contrib directory on

                -- Erick
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