Re: custom cursors

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 14:40:53 +0100

> Clifford Beshers writes
> Can anyone give me a pointer to custom cursor specification for a
> window? Specifically, I want to have a null cursor on a widget. I
> can only get the cursor name method to work, in both wish and stk. X,
> in its infinite wisdom, does not have a predefined null cursor.
> Is it possible to specify a bitmap from the command line, or do I have
> to link in a new bitmap?
Yes it is. you have to use a file for the bitmap; you can do:

        (define b (make <Button> :text "No cursor" :cursor "_at_null.bmp black"))

with the null.bmp file defined as

        #define null_width 1
        #define null_height 1
        #define null_x_hot 0
        #define null_y_hot 0
        static unsigned char null_bits[] = {0x00};

                -- Erick
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