Re: Can STklos and SLIB work together

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 19:55:35 +0100

> Sean Slattery writes
> I've just had some trouble with the delete method for listboxes. It turns out
> that when I did (require 'common-list-functions), the delete function defined
> there clobbered the delete method. Is there a neat way around this?

A neat one, no. A kludge, yes: load the slib function before. In the last
realase of STk, if a generic function overload an existing closure, the old
definition is used as a default. So, if you load common-list-functions first
and Listbox later, the gf will (should) be used for listboxes and the slib
closure will be used for list. As I said before, its a kludge; a better
solution would be to have a module system....

                -- Erick
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