STk_tc_instance and stklos.o

From: Jonathan Berry <>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 12:22:31 -0400

I have an orgainizational request regarding STklos:

The system I coordinate, LINK*, is written in C++ and embeds some STklos
logic. It makes calls to STk_slot_set() and STk_slot_ref(), and uses the
variable STk_tc_instance. When people port this, I want them to be able to
link with libstk.a without worrying about stklos.o(so). David Fox pointed out
that I can always redefine the functions under different names and use my
own copies as long as stklos.h is included. I intend to do this, but I
still have a problem with STk_tc_instance. Since it is defined in stklos.c,
I currently need to link with stklos.o. It would be great if
STk_tc_instance could be defined in a file whose object code ends up in
libstk.a. If Erick feels that it's important to keep stklos.o(so)
separate for dynamic loading, that's ok. Still, I am hopeful that the next
release of STk will incorporate a solution to the problem of gracefully
linking with code that uses STklos logic.

        Jon Berry

* LINK is a software system for discrete mathematics. It is a cooperative
project of DIMACS, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Indiana University,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Spanning Tree Technologies and The
State University of New York at Stony Brook. The the system consists of a
large set of C++ libraries and a **GUI written with STklos**. Its public
(free) release for teaching and research is planned for the end of July, 1996.
There is a slightly out-of-date preview document available via anonymous
ftp at in pub/berryj/

LINK has been funded by NSF grant CCR-9214487,
ONR award 400x116yip01, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.
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