Re: Suggestion

From: Erik Ostrom <>
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 18:48:53 -0400

> How difficult would it be to add a toplevel hook which would call
> functions regularly while STk was running. I'm thinking specifically
> of a better socket implementation....

I'm not sure how general a facility you're looking for, but if you're
running Tk, the Tk event loop will do exactly what you want.
In particular, for sockets, Dave Kormann and I wrote a little extension
that allows callbacks of the sort you describe on both client and
server sockets. It's available in the Contrib directory at the
STk site, under the name callbacks-0.1.tar.gz.

You might also want to look at Lars Hansen's multithreading package
for STk and Snow, which I believe could be used to construct a
similar facility at the Scheme level. It was written for STk 2.x,
but as I recall (it's been a while) I was able to port it to STk 3
pretty easily.

That one is at

and I hope he doesn't mind my posting about it.
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