Question?: stklos define-method and lambda

From: Joe Norton <>
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 96 22:12:12 CDT

I have a question regarding stklos' define-method and lambda. I want
to define some bindings for a stklos widget that I created (based on
the blt_graph widget).

Instead of explicitly defining 2 new methods for the <Blt-Graph>
class, I would like to define the 2 "lambda" expressions below (see
arrows -->). However, I do not think this is possible (the stk
interprerter is reporting a "unbound variable: <1l1817193229-gr"
error). I feel that I would need some type of "lambda-method"
construct for this to work. Is this correct? Does anyone have any
suggestions on the best way to approach this problem?


- joe

  ;; blt-get-anchor
  (define-method blt-get-anchor ((self <Blt-Graph>) x y)
    (hash-table-put! (pos self) '('B 'x) nil)
    (hash-table-put! (pos self) '('B 'y) nil)
    (blt-get-coords self x y 'A)
    (bind self "<B1-Motion>"
--> (lambda ((|W| <Blt-Graph>) x y)
                   (blt-scan |W| x y)))
    (bind self "<ButtonRelease-1>"
--> (lambda ((|W| <Blt-Graph>) x y)
                   (blt-zoom |W| x y))))


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