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From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 10:31:52 +0100

> jslttery_at_GS148.SP.CS.CMU.EDU writes
> How difficult would it be to add a toplevel hook which would call
> functions regularly while STk was running. I'm thinking specifically
> of a better socket implementation (I've just read the spec for
> tcl7.5's socket) which would allow a user to create a server socket
> and specify a function to call when new connections appear on that
> socket. The hook would run every so often and do a non-blocking accept
> on the socket and call the specified function if the accept
> succeeded.
> Is this possible with the current implementation, or is such a hook
> facility required?
I have read the responses already given in the mailing list to this question
an you can use one of the solution given. BTW, I have also seen the work done
by Sun on Tcl 7.5. I think that there are a lot of interesting ideas that STk
can borrow (in particular with sockets). However, it is a long time since last
release and I think it is time to have a new release. This release will be
based on Tk4.1a2 which is a little bit old and which don't contain all the
interseting stuff I speak before. I suppose that porting from Tk4.1a2 to
Tk4.1 should not be too difficult (except perhaps the move of the event loop
from Tk to the interpreter). The STk 3.2 release will be based on Tk4.1.
I hope to make STk 3.1 available very soon (I have just to finish the STklos
modifications and some minor things before releasing it).

                -- Erick
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