Re: STk 3.0b for Win95

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 09:00:47 +0100

My procmail process becomes crazy and it seems that I cannot send message to
the mailing list, and it reposts old messages left in the mail queue !!!
I try one more time. I aplogize if you have already received the following

BTW, since I have sent the first version of this message, I have lost
a big part of my work this night with a Windows crash. I really love this
system ......

> Johann Friedrich Heinrichmeyer writes
> now we proudly (:-) own VC++ 4.0 for Windows. We tried to build STk-3.0
> with the sources in the incoming directory. For which tcltk distribution
> should this work?
> Has anybody tried to do it with VC++ 4.0. Everything links fine. But
> when the first "intern" for a symbol is called, the obarray structure
> seems to be uninizialized. I would of course post a binarie for win32 if
> i would be able to finish it.

About STk port on Win95.

The file you have found in the incoming directory was done by R. Alexander
Milowski from Copernican Solutions. If I remember, it uses Tk 4.1a2 for
the Tk part.

Some students have begun a port with the Gnu Win32 which was not usable. The
system was not reliable enough, and I think we can't use it.

BTW, and contrary to what I have already said to some people (and perhaps also
on the mailing list). I have started to port STk on windows. I have started
the port at the beginning of last week and I have for now snow (with the new
STklos) which is running quite well. I have not tried to port the gnu MP, so I
used the freegmp library for bignums.
I have tried to convert all the systems dependancies ("\\" instead of "/",
time functions which are different, ....). Everything seems correct (but more
tests are needed surely).
Concerning stk (i.e. the integration of Tk), it begins to work. I hope to have
something in a few days (if I find time since I have a lot of students
homeworks to correct :). As aoon as something is running, I will place it on

Ah, the compiler I use is BC++ 4.5. We have bought it with an educationnal
license. Does someone know if I can distribute binaries with this kid of

                -- Erick

PS: Fritz, is it possible for you to compile STk with VC++ before a final

                -- Erick
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