STK on Mac, once more.

From: E. Hoenkamp, NICI.home <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 01:26:43 +0200

I was looking into STk on the Mac, and pursued several avenues, all far
from ideal. But it may inform some of you sharing my concern.
1. NetBSD.
Some time ago, I had STk running on a MacII under NetBSD, a PD Unix for the
Mac. It showed how STk runs smoothely on a 68k machine. The (mine at least)
problem with NetBSD is that it is only slowly moving up the Mac line, and
not yet available on my machine at home (a Duo) nor at work (a PPC).
MacII (or below) users may consider formatting part of their disk for
NetBSD. Thus you can choose either to run Unix (+ STk) or Mac OS. (Just
like some people have a Linux and a Windows partition on their PC's). BTW
to set it up under NetBSD was a breeze (thanks to the good STk people who
wrote portable makefiles).
2. Mac + X.
At my work I tried MacX to get an X window to a Unix running STk, with CAP
(the Unix appletalk protocol) allowing to edit locally on my Mac.
3. MachTen
I am considering to purchase MacTen, a Unix that coexists with the MacOS.
The full system contains X, but I have no idea how much work it is to get
STk running under it. The trouble is, I would have to first buy MacTen, and
then discover that it doesn't port well.

All my coworkers write tcl/TK, piling mile upon mile of tcl code. I am at
a university, thus having some leighway to explore these things, but
actually doing the port would be to far removed from my real work.

Hope this is of help to some of you. Edward.
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