Re: STK on Mac, once more.

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 11:13:56 +0100

> E. Hoenkamp, NICI.home writes
> I was looking into STk on the Mac, and pursued several avenues, all far
> from ideal. But it may inform some of you sharing my concern.
> 1. NetBSD.
> Some time ago, I had STk running on a MacII under NetBSD, a PD Unix for the
> Mac. It showed how STk runs smoothely on a 68k machine. The (mine at least)
> problem with NetBSD is that it is only slowly moving up the Mac line, and
> not yet available on my machine at home (a Duo) nor at work (a PPC).
> MacII (or below) users may consider formatting part of their disk for
> NetBSD. Thus you can choose either to run Unix (+ STk) or Mac OS. (Just
> like some people have a Linux and a Windows partition on their PC's). BTW
> to set it up under NetBSD was a breeze (thanks to the good STk people who
> wrote portable makefiles).
> 2. Mac + X.
> At my work I tried MacX to get an X window to a Unix running STk, with CAP
> (the Unix appletalk protocol) allowing to edit locally on my Mac.
> 3. MachTen
> I am considering to purchase MacTen, a Unix that coexists with the MacOS.
> The full system contains X, but I have no idea how much work it is to get
> STk running under it. The trouble is, I would have to first buy MacTen, and
> then discover that it doesn't port well.
> All my coworkers write tcl/TK, piling mile upon mile of tcl code. I am at
> a university, thus having some leighway to explore these things, but
> actually doing the port would be to far removed from my real work.

Another possibility is running Linux on powerpc since a week.
BTW, I don't know MachTen, but if it is POSIX, it should not be very difficult
to port STk on it.

                -- Erick
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