Re: fileevent removal

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 10:37:04 +0100

> Arturo Perez -- Software Engineer writes
> Is the proper way to _remove_ a fileevent handle like so?:
> (fileevent port "readable" "")

Yes it is a way to delete the fileevent closure. It should also be deleted
when the file is closed.

> It seems that this does not gc the environment consumed by
> the handle. For example, one thing I've noticed is that
> ports were not being closed and gc'd if you do something like
> this
> (fileevent port "readable"
> (let ((proc (run-process ....)))
> (fileevent (process-output proc) "readable"
> (lambda ()
> (format #t "Been there, done that~%")))))

I should have a look on it for the new release, which use a complete
rewriting for fileevent (in fact fileevent will be just a Scheme procedure
since they are (or more exactly will be, since I'm just implementing it)
two new Scheme primitives for associating events to files. This change was
needed for the integration fo Tk4.1 (yes finally I use the official Tk release
for STk3.1).

                -- Erick
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