Updating display while blocked on "socket-accept-connection"

From: Michel Schinz <schinz_at_studi.epfl.ch>
Date: 13 Jun 1996 09:00:49 +0200

Hi there!

I am currently writing a small STk program which acts like a server,
that is it waits for connections on a socket and process them. The
problem is that while this server is blocked on a
"socket-accept-connection" call, its display isn't updated. This is
annoying because it means that as soon as I resize the window, or
switch to another virtual screen and come back, my server's display
looks like garbage.

So I'm looking for a nice and easy solution to this problem. Maybe
something could be done with multiple processes but that looks like a
very complicated solution to me.

If there is no easy solution, then I think that modifying the
"socket-accept-connection" function so that it updates the display
(maybe using select(2)) while blocking the caller would be a nice

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