destroy bug?

From: Jonathan Berry <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 13:02:13 -0400

; bug in destroy?
; *t* has 3 children, each of which should be able to kill it.
; only l can without generating an error.
; (3.0b2) -Jon
(define *t* (make <toplevel>))

(define l (make <label> :parent *t* :text "hi"))
(define e (make <entry> :parent *t* :value "hi"))
(define b (make <listbox> :parent *t* :value '("hi")))
(pack l e b) ; tried switch order

(display (eid l)) (newline)
(display (eid e)) (newline)
(display (eid b)) (newline)

(bind l "<Double-1>" (lambda() (destroy *t*))) ; works
(bind e "<Double-1>" (lambda() (destroy *t*))) ; error
(bind b "<Double-1>" (lambda() (destroy *t*))) ; error
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