STk 3.1 is out

From: Erick Gallesio <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 14:01:48 +0100

STk 3.1 is out. As usual, it is available from and from
sunsite (in the /pub/Linux/Incoming directory), or one of its mirrors.
>From kaolin:
or ftp://kaolin.unice,fr/pub/STk.tar.gz

Hereafter are the major changes of STk 3.1

        - Version of Tk is now at Tk4.1 level.

        - STk run now on Win32!!!
        Some details need a little more work (some oddities on file names
        due to difference conventions between Unix and DOS, and things like
        that). No socket support and no dynamic loading on Win32

        - A complete documentation of STk widgets pages (both in nroff
        and HTML format). The help command really allow you to browse
        man pages now. Man pages are prefixed by "stk_" now to avoid confusion
        with original Tk manual pages.

        - STklos is now integrated to STk (it was dynamically loaded before).
          This simplify its implementation and speed up generic functions:
                o gf are now 2-4 time faster
                o gf are now tail recursive
                o the MOP for gf is now "public" (i.e. you can change the way
                  gf are called in Scheme -- it was not possible with previous
                  versions without using C).

        - Port implementation is different: A port contains now its
        input and output handler. New primitives to access the handler:
        when-port-readable and when-port-writable.
        BTW, The Tk function fileevent function is no more useful
        (it is written in Scheme now for compatibility, but its usage
        is deprecated). It may not be supported in a future release.

        - New composite widgets: <Multiple-window> and <Inner-window>
        which allow to have embedded windows. A multiple window
        has a task bar below and allow to iconify inner-windows.
        Some people think it looks like Win95 desktop ;-)

        - pixmap extension doesn't require anymore the Xpm library. Code
        is stolen from the Tix Library.

        - New socket code which allow multiple concurrent connection

        - Extended types can now have a compare function which is called
         when eqv? or equal? is called. This modification should be
         compatible with the previous extensions (I hope so)
        - STklos: Two new methods: object-eqv? and object-equal? which are
        called when applying eqv? or equal? to instances.

        - A rewriting of bind-for-dragging canvas method. You can now specify
        a :before-motion, which if it returns #f, forbid to move the selected
        canvas item.

        - New primitives:setenv!, posix-host-name, posix-domain-name,
        - Option separator "--" allows to pass reserved keyword (sush as -help)
        to a script. Option and parameter cannot be mixed anymore
        (i.e. calling stk xyz -help ==> *argv* = ("xyz" "-help")

        - HTML browser enhancement (support of the <FONT> tag with SIZE
          and COLOR sub-tags. This must be compatible with the HTML spec.

        - and of course many many bug corrections.

Have fun

                -- Erick
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