small STk 3.1 autoload bug

From: Rob DeLine <>
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 1996 17:15:14 -0400

This line in Tk-classes.stklos

(autoload "Canvas.stklos" <Canvas> <Canvas-group> <Arc>
<Bitmap-item> <Line>
                                 <Oval> <Polygon> <Rectangle> <Text-item>

should read like this instead

(autoload "Canvas.stklos" <Canvas>)
(autoload "Canvitem.stklos" <Canvas-group> <Arc> <Bitmap-item> <Line>
                                 <Oval> <Polygon> <Rectangle> <Text-item>

Otherwise, the autloading of classes like <rectangle> doesn't happen properly.

Rob DeLine
Received on Thu Aug 01 1996 - 23:17:59 CEST

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