3.1 installation notes

From: Raymond Toy <toy_at_rtp.ericsson.se>
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 1996 18:27:43 -0400

Here a few comments about building and installing STk 3.1 on a Solaris
2.4 machine:

        1. For some reason, the Makefile for Tk/unix didn't have my
            X11 include path in it. I added it by hand.

        2. All of the X11 libraries (X11R6) exist only as shared
            libraries on our system. I had to add -R<x11-lib-path>
            the XLIBSW in config.make to get a working stk.

        3. When doing "make install", make wants to install snow as
            well. This is wrong because snow isn't built
            correctly automatically. I got a bunch of undefined
            symbols for the Tk functions. After doing a "make clean"
            and "make snow", I got a working snow.

        4. "make install" asks about cleaning up the installed stk
            directory because I had an old version of stk installed.
            I think it should ask only if there already exists the
            same version of stk previously installed. Since multiple
            versions of stk can coexist peacefully, there's no need to
            delete old versions. A comment saying there are old
            versions is ok.

        5. Many of the makefiles use "echo -n". This prints out the
            "-n" using /bin/sh on Solaris. Very minor bug.

After fixing problems 1-3, STk works just fine.

Some other bugs:

        1. I think the installation should install stk.h somewhere so
            that other STk applications can use it instead of getting
            it from the source directory. (pgstk wants it.)

        2. My STk interface to Postgres95 (pgstk) broke because
            FILEPTR is no longer defined. Oh well, FILEPTR was an
            internal symbol anyway. Having a fixed API for accessing
            some STk internals (which is required by pgstk to get at
            the actual FILE* of a port) would be nice, but not

Overall, a nice job!

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