Re: build probs under Linux?

From: David Fox <>
Date: 03 Sep 1996 05:10:18 -0400

In article <> Mark Galassi <> writes:

] Andrew> and upgraded the kernel to 2.0.15. gcc version is 2.7.2.
] Andrew> When trying to compile STk-3.0, the build fails with:
] Anyone building Tk stuff on linux should definitely grab the
] patchlevel release of gcc (I think it's or something): it
] claims to fixe the gcc optimization bug that Tk brings out on linux.

But this is not Andrew's problem. I believe the program needs to be
linked with -ldl, even if you only have the dynamic version
My system hash, and two links to it called
and These should be set up by ldconfig. The question is,
why didn't configure add -ldl to the link options?
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