Re: STk vs. Guile

From: Perry E. Metzger <>
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 1996 14:59:56 -0400

Kevin K. Lewis writes:
> Also, there will be some differences between Scheme and Guile. Guile
> will have `(eq #f ()) => #t'. And it is case-sensitive.

It is case sensitive, but the (eq? #f '()) => #t thing only holds (in
the latest design) in the Elisp world -- in the scheme world #f and
'() are to be distinct objects (this having only been announced about
two days ago).

I must admit I'm sort of disappointed by the amount of division
in the Scheme on Unix community -- between STk, Elk, Guile, and a
thousand others, effort gets very fragmented...

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