Re: STk vs. Guile

From: Mark Galassi <>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 13:36:16 -0600

    Perry> I must admit I'm sort of disappointed by the amount of
    Perry> division in the Scheme on Unix community -- between STk,
    Perry> Elk, Guile, and a thousand others, effort gets very
    Perry> fragmented...

Cheer up: at least RScheme, MzScheme, Guile and STk will use the lgh_
interface, which unifies them as embeddable interpreters.

Also: Guile will likely use the STk API for Tk.

Also: Paul Wilson is proposing (in comp.lang.scheme) an object system
for scheme and (in the lgh_ spirit) which he intends it to be portable
across Scheme implementations. People in the STklos world might
consider participating in the discussion.

I am looking forward to standardization of module and type systems,
high level networking support (use scsh's model?) and so forth.

Once these three areas are straightened out, each individual Scheme
implementation will be able to focus on research oriented stuff. My
hope is for real time garbage collection and a Scheme library that I
can use to program my satellites.
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