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From: David Fox <>
Date: 11 Sep 1996 11:18:52 -0400

In article <> Andre Gilles <> writes:

] When I want to read a class, I don't know how to do it in a clean way.
] Here is what I do
] (while not-eof-port
] read line on port
] if line match a regexp corresponding to child-class-1
] the create an instance of child-class-1
] (read child-class-1 port)
] if line match a regexp corresponding to child-class-2
] the create an instance of child-class-2
] (read child-class-2 port)
] ...
] Each time I create another heir of parent-class I have to modify this
] code. I find that this sequence of "if" is against the spirit of
] polymorphism but I can't manage to find another way to do it. Is there a
] classic way to handle such problems ?
] Gilles

Your output function could write scheme code to re-create the object,
like this:

          (require "child-class-1")
          (make <child-class-1> args...))

you could read it using something like this:

        (define restored-child-1 (eval (read port)))
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