[announce] EnvDraw 1.2

From: Josh MacDonald <jmacd_at_CS.Berkeley.EDU>
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 18:32:40 -0700

                                                  15 September, 1996

Announcing version 1.2 of EnvDraw, an instructional package for STk.

EnvDraw is a environment diagramming package which draws environment
diagrams as taught in Abelson and Sussman's _Structure and
Interpretation of Computer Languages_. It was written as an
instructional tool for the CS61A course at the University of
California at Berkeley. The environment diagrammer is a metacircular
evaluator which draws procedures, environments, and box and pointer
diagrams along with all the accompanying symbols and mutation. It
includes a box and pointer diagrammer which handles circular list
structures, cons cell mutation, and also will watch for modification
of any symbols known to be pointing to drawn cells.


EnvDraw works with STk 3.1. Slib must be installed. Optionally, a
patch to error.c in the source distribution allows the metacircular
evaluator to catch errors nicely.

                           Getting EnvDraw

I have placed a copy of envdraw-1.2.tar.gz in the following places:


in the incoming directory of the scheme repository:


in the incoming directory of the STk home site:



Pick a directory to install the EnvDraw sources in. If you would
like to install the sources as a subdirectory of your home directory
and the envdraw-1.2.tar.gz file is located in the same directory,

% cd ~
% gunzip envdraw-1.2.tar.gz
% tar -xf envdraw-1.2.tar

This extracts a subdirectory named envdraw-1.2 with a number of files.
The files are organized as follows:

envdraw-1.2/Help/ HTML help files
envdraw-1.2/doc/ Postscript and LaTeX documentation
envdraw-1.2/icons/ Icons used by Tk
envdraw-1.2/diffs/ The optional diff to error.c described above
envdraw-1.2/test/ Some tests
envdraw-1.2/*.stk The source files

To run STk with EnvDraw, you should have SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH set to
the location of slib and ENVDRAW_LIBRARY_PATH set to the location of
the sources.

If you are using a script to start stk, the following will do,


or you can put

setenv ENVDRAW_LIBRARY_PATH ~/envdraw

in your .cshrc or similar startup file.

I recommend adding something similar to the following in whatever
startup file you normally run for STk.

(autoload "SOME_PATH/view.stk" view)
(autoload "SOME_PATH/meta.stk" envdraw)

Whatever method you use, make sure that the files are loaded and
everything should work.
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