STk installation report

From: Keith Wright <>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 96 00:22 EDT

I loaded STk for the first time on my Linux machine at home.
It looked good, and could be useful at work, so I loaded
it into the computer at work, an HP-UX 9000. I was playing
with it and it seemed to work, but I got paged by the
system administrator. It seems that STk had driven the CPU
load to 99.8% while sitting at the interactive prompt. I
later checked again on Linux and found that the same thing
happens there, but since I was the only one using the machine
I had not noticed it. It does not happen when running the
demo programs from files, but only when it is reading expressions
from the standard input. It sucks up cycles while sitting at the
prompt with the blank main window just sitting there.

I hope somebody can suggest something, because I am really hot to
use it, but I dare not even attempt it at work until this is fixed.

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