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From: <rmcm_at_ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU>
Date: Thu Sep 19 11:12:42 1996

Hi Keith,
the following (from Erick Gallesio <> a few weeks
back) fixed the problem on my sparc.
 > Here is a simple patch for this problem:
 > In file Src/io.c (line 93), replace 
 > 	  Tcl_DoOneEvent(TK_DONT_WAIT);
 > by
 > 	  Tcl_DoOneEvent(0);
 > 		-- Erick
Rex McMaster                  
Keith Wright writes:
 > I loaded STk for the first time on my Linux machine at home.
 > It looked good, and could be useful at work, so I loaded
 > it into the computer at work, an HP-UX 9000.  I was playing
 > with it and it seemed to work, but I got paged by the
 > system administrator.  It seems that STk had driven the CPU
 > load to 99.8% while sitting at the interactive prompt.  I
 > later checked again on Linux and found that the same thing
 > happens there, but since I was the only one using the machine
 > I had not noticed it.  It does not happen when running the
 > demo programs from files, but only when it is reading expressions
 > from the standard input.  It sucks up cycles while sitting at the
 > prompt with the blank main window just sitting there.
 > I hope somebody can suggest something, because I am really hot to
 > use it, but I dare not even attempt it at work until this is fixed.
 > -- 
 >      --Keith
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