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Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 01:33:45 +0900


>>>>> "Russell" == Russell McManus <>
>>>>> writes on Fri, 27 Sep 1996 11:29:56 -0400:
Russell> here is a little snippet that i find very useful;
Russell> maybe someone else can make use of it as well.
Russell> is there a better place to contribute code than
Russell> the mailing list?

Yes, there is. Aubrey Jaffer maintains a Scheme Library called
SLIB. You might want to include your code in SLIB.

"Slib conforms to Revised^4 Report on the Algorithmic Language
Scheme and the IEEE P1178 specification. Slib supports Unix and
similar systems, VMS, and MS-DOS." If you're an STk user, it's
worth looking at. I believe the STk distribution comes with a
configuration file for SLIB.

Attached is the `ANNOUNCE' file included in the slib2a6

Hope this helps.
This message announces the availability of Scheme Library release
New in SLIB2a6:
	* structure.scm scaoutp.scm scamacr.scm scainit.scm scaglob.scm
        scaexpp.scm: Added missing copyright notice and terms.
	* rbtest.scm rbtree.scm: removed for lack of copying permissions.
	* root.scm (newton:find-integer-root integer-sqrt newton:find-root
	laguerre:find-root laguerre:find-root): added.
	* scanf.scm (stdio:scan-and-set): removed gratuitous char-downcase
	by changing all (next-format-char) ==> (read-char format-port).
SLIB is a portable scheme library meant to provide compatibiliy and
utility functions for all standard scheme implementations.
SLIB includes initialization files for Chez, ELK 2.1, GAMBIT,
MacScheme, MITScheme, scheme->C, Scheme48, T3.1, and VSCM.  SCM also
supports SLIB.
Documentation includes a manifest, installation instructions, and
coding standards for the library.  Documentation on each library
package is supplied.  SLIB Documentation is online at:
SLIB is a portable Scheme library:
SLIB-PSD is a portable debugger for Scheme (requires emacs editor):
SLIB-SCHELOG is an embedding of Prolog in Scheme:
Programs for printing and viewing TexInfo documentation (which SLIB
has) come with GNU Emacs or can be obtained via ftp from:
Files in these directories are compressed with patent-free gzip (no
relation to zip).  The program to uncompress them is available from
  ftp (anonymous)
  cd pub/scm
  get slib2a6.tar.gz
  ftp (anonymous)
  cd pub/gnu/jacal
  get slib2a6.tar.gz
  `slib2a6.tar.gz' is a compressed tar file of a Scheme Library.
Remember to use binary mode when transferring the *.tar.gz files.
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